A Great Moment in Bali…(eventhough just four days)


Last week, I had a chance come to Bali. So that chance, I really used for relax, out from routine activities and recovery my physical. Actually, I like go to the new place, interesting place, know the people and culture. Bali, like people knew is ‘Pulau Dewata’, many people from domestic or other country come there for tourism.

When, I came for the first time there, from the plane, I saw the interesting airport. The ranway,  it’s so close with the sea. The region not different with West Sumatera, not big town, the street not full of transportation, honestly four days in Bali, I seldom saw the public transportation, I saw more private car, taxi, motorcycle or rent car. The street there have one way so if we got the wrong street, we can’t go back.

In Bali, I stayed in a medium hotel, near by the Kuta Beach, only walked a few minutes, directly saw the famous beach, can walked along the beach, on the white sand. If not many people there, maybe I can enjoy the beach. So, in the morning maybe it’s a perfect time to enjoy this place.

A few places I visited, Ubud, Tampak Siring, Kintamani, Sukawati Market, Tambanan (Bali Buterfly Park), Bedugul, Lot Land. In Ubud, We can see monkey forest, many monkeys live there. I came there just a moment, only came in the front part, because my family did not feel comfort with monkeys which live free in the forest, free interaction with the people who came there and if we were not be careful, the monkey can jump into our body.



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